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  • Gornji Milanovac

Gornji Milanovac Retail Park Units for Rent

Gornji Milanovac Retail Park

The Municipality and the city of Gornji Milanovac cover an area of 836 square kilometers, and from one end of the territory is 120 km, making it one of the largest in the Republic of Serbia. Municipality of Gornji Milanovac is located at the contact of western Serbia, Gruža and Pomoravlje in the southwestern part of Sumadija. The population of the town is 29.000, while the population of the municipality is 50.000. The center of the city is situated along western side of European route E763 (motorway). Today Gornji Milanovac valid for the bigest exporter of goods, services and products in Republic of Serbia and one of the few cities and municipalities with the budget surplus

16,815 sqm(m2)6,461 sqm(m2)1,490 sqm(m2)209


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